How to tie a World’s Fair Knot

Created by Gary L. Martin of Indiana, this knot was selected by a panel of outdoor writers as the best new, easy to tie, all purpose fishing knot from 498 entries in the Du Pont Great Knot Search. Mr. Martin named it the World’s Fair Knot because it was first publicly demonstrated by him at the Knoxville 1982 World’s Fair.

How to tie a World’s Fair Knot

  1. Double a 6 inch length of line and pass it through the eye of your hook or lure.
  2. Bring the loop back next to the doubled line and grasp the doubled line through the loop.
  3. Put the tag end through the new loop formed by the double line.
  4. Bring the tag end back through the new loop created by step 3.
  5. Pull the tag end snug and slide knot up tight. Clip tag end.
  6. Bait up, catch fish!

Video Instructions

Knot Tying Terminology

  • Butt: The thick part of the leader. The butt of a leader is attached to the fishing line.
  • Tag or Tag End: The working end, the part of the line where the knot is tied.
  • Standing Part: The main part of the line that is fixed and under tension. Such as the part of line that is on the reel.
  • Standing End: The short area at the end of the standing part of the line.
  • Working End: The part of the line used actively in tying a knot. The opposite of the standing end.
  • End: A loop is a closed curved line, formed by bringing the tag end back and alongside the standing part, or a knot that creates a loop.
  • Tippet: The end of a leader to which the lure is attached. The tippet can be the end of a leader or an added line to the end of a leader.
  • Turns or Wraps: A turn or wrap is one complete revolution of line around another.
  • Overhand Knot: The foundation for many other knots. (A Granny Knot before it is pulled tight)