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🎣 How to Fish from a Pier

Pier fishing is an excellent way to introduce novice anglers to saltwater fishing. Piers allow you to get to deeper water that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to access without a boat. Besides, fish are naturally attracted to piers – for several reasons. One is that they provide hiding places for baitfish, and the baitfish …

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🎣 Fishing Lure Knowledge

Before you can become a successful lure fisherman it is essential that you understand the basic needs of the fish that you intend to catch. Unless you know where the fish can be found, what conditions it likes, and what its food requirements are, it is unlikely that you will meet with much success. WHAT …

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🎣 Gray Trout Fishing Tips

A basic trout fishing tip HOW-TO for saltwater anglers fishing the USA Atlantic coastal regions. Learn about fishing for weakfish in the waters from Massachusetts to Florida. Learn basic trout fishing techniques and a few popular lures that are used to catch small medium and large gray trout (or grey trout). These tips ARE NOT …

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🎣 Bank Fishing For Beginners

Bank fishing is likely the very first type of fishing most anglers experienced, perhaps in a nearby lake or pond. Practically anyone can enjoy bank fishing, including young children, the elderly, and the handicapped. All you need are a rod or pole, some bait, and a body of water. The water might be in the …

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🎣 Where To Fish For Beginners

If you’re just getting your feet wet, so to speak, with fishing, you’re in for some marvelous adventures! Of course, you might be asking yourself where to fish for beginners. The answers, my angling friend, are numerous and varied. Check out the short descriptions below to get some ideas. Boat Fishing, Fishing From A Boat …

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