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🎣 Winter Fishing Tips

Here we are again, another season of cool winds and cold water. Looks as if our first real cold front of the season is upon us now! I used to hate the winter time, because of the consistent breezy conditions. Being a fly fishing fool that I am, I hate the wind, but its the …

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🎣 The Barracuda Problem

Toothy critters can ruin a good catch Up and down the east coast of the United States, water temperatures are doing strange things. Perhaps it is a result of global warming; perhaps it is simply an anomaly that will change. Whatever the reason, barracudas are more plentiful and are being caught farther north than at …

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🎣 How to Go Bottom Fishing

One of the easiest types of fishing is bottom fishing, and it’s also very productive. Many fish species prowl along the bottom of a river, lake, pond, or the ocean in search of food. This method of angling doesn’t require a lot of work or strategic moves. It uses a fish’s natural instincts and behavior …

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