🎣 The Best Planer Boards

Planer boards are an effective way to present both live and artificial baits to Hybrids and Stripers. By moving the bait away from the boat, you are less likely to spook the fish. In addition, it is possible to use several rods at the same time and cover more water. Note that regulations on the number of rods that you are allowed to use varies from state to state. Check your local regulations to find out how many you are allowed to use.

We often use planer boards with our Bucktail Jigs and Vibra-Shadz. Used in conjunction with downriggers, planer boards can help to increase the water that you can cover. Setting up planer boards is simple. Attach a barrel swivel and a 3 foot leader to the end of your line. At the end of the leader, tie on your jig or plug. Line is then let out from the rod and the planer board is attached to the line. The amount of line that you let out depends on the depth that you want to fish. The rod is then placed in a rod holder at and additional line is let out to move the planer board and lure away from the boat. If you need to fish a little deeper, you can add an egg sinker above the swivel.

When setting planer boards out, put the longest line out on the farthest board from the boat. This board should also be on the front rod. Put the rods in a holder, just slightly forward, and positioned at 1 o’clock.